Healthcare Food and Nutrition Services

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Soriant can help your hospital reduce net operating costs for the food and nutrition department. Delivering high-quality meals to visitors and patients doesn’t have to mean increased spending. In fact, our consultants can find innovative ways to promote food preparation, distribution, and customer service at a fraction of current prices. Our team is made up of former leaders of food & nutrition departments as well as prior executives of healthcare company vendors – our consultants provide an insider’s perspective to food service savings. Soriant’s tailor-made solutions are designed to increase customer satisfaction, in turn boosting sales and offsetting spending elsewhere. We help your department procure new food service technology, adopt cutting-edge practices, and optimize staffing requirements to increase your organization’s bottom line.

As your hospital’s food and nutrition consultant, Soriant can identify ways to generate revenue and cut expenditures, leading to long-term reinvestment throughout the business. Our focus includes:

  • Implementing patient room service, vending, and retail initiatives
  • Reducing food and supply costs
  • Hiring and selecting effective department leadership
  • Serving as interim management
  • Decreasing food stock and transfer costs
  • Finding low cost vendors to supply high-quality ingredients
  • Applying payroll reduction systems
  • Managing GPO conversions
  • Assessing RFP/RFI processes when switch to new suppliers
  • Adding new services or options for patrons
  • Increasing clinical dietician reimbursements

Food service is an ideal place for your facility to generate additional revenue and give all visitors a satisfactory healthcare company experience. With our innovative food and nutrition solutions, we can help your facility thrive for years to come.


Case Study: $1.7M Savings Achieved in Food and Nutrition Service



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