Environmental Services

The environmental services department of any hospital holds one of the most important jobs in maintaining the sanitation of the entire facility. Cleaning services are a determinant factor in shaping visitors’ opinions of your office and keeping patients from contracting hospital-borne illnesses. It is imperative that environmental services can do their job efficiently and thoroughly. With Soriant, our mission is to identify cost-effective solutions to improve productivity and cut down on excessive operating costs. Searching for new supply vendors, negotiating equipment contracts, and implementing green solutions can help your organization save money and adhere to regulatory standards.

The Medicare landscape is also changing and payments will soon be based on a facility’s quality of patient care. As you may have guessed, cleanliness and sanitation are key components in these Medicare reimbursements, meaning that your hospital needs to pay much attention to the operation of its environmental services department.

When you partner with Soriant, we identify innovative strategies to keep your department equipped with the tools it needs by minimizing cost overages elsewhere. Our consulting services include:

  • Maximizing staffing productivity through training and other programs
  • Implementing lower cost and environmentally-conscious cleaning supplies
  • Negotiating waste management contracts with municipal and regulated contractors
  • Enforcing industry-best practices for disinfection, cleaning, and waste disposal
  • Reducing non-contract expenses
  • Improving HCAHPS scores to maximize Medicare reimbursements
  • Boosting overall cleanliness and patient satisfaction
  • Managing RFP/RFI processes for new service providers
  • Developing department infrastructures to oversee performance

As your healthcare consulting partner, Soriant is here to maximize savings in your environmental services department while also maintaining strict adherence to sanitation policies.

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