Refocusing Support Services – Put patients first

Working for a contract company for almost 18 years, there has always been a constant push to increase incentives, purchasing, or scope of the contract for the services we provided.  The focus was on improving the bottom line, when it should have been more patient focused.  Yes, having a contract company manage your support services

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Pain in the @$$ (Support Services) – Part Two

It is human nature to believe your department(s) is running well and at top efficiency.  In reality, it is important to do periodic assessments with some honest “digging”.  The problem is finding the bandwidth to do it! Having a “fresh-eyes” approach, based on a true analysis against like size/region, can make a world of difference.

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Pain in the @$$ (Support Services) – Part One

With all the uncertainly around the survival of ACA, how that will affect who has coverage, cases continuing to migrate to the outpatient arena, and the sickest of patients accessing care in the acute care setting, many through the costliest of the ER, who has time to address how all these high pressing issues trickle

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Hot Topics in Support Service – see what your peers are doing

After the turbulent election year of 2016 and the uncertainties caused, including the impact to healthcare, 2017 to date has shown most organizations are refocusing on decreasing costs and improving performance.  The top four trends that we are seeing with our clients at Soriant Healthcare are as follows: Laundry and Linen Management  This includes sourcing

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FINALLY – Real ES Staffing Standards

Adequately staffing a Healthcare Environmental Services department is one of the most unique challenges for any EVS operation.  While regulatory agencies provide some guidance to match Nurse staffing levels with patient acuity needs, EVS Departments lack regulatory guidance for staffing level needs for the vital services they provide. There are benchmarking organizations that can provide

Hospital Vending

First a personal disclaimer:  I really dislike vending machines.  I travel a lot, in and out of facilities every week.  Vending machines never have anything I eat when I want to eat it.  They are filled with sugary and salty snacks and sugary beverages; occasionally, with the one or two healthy options of a bag

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Let’s Manage the Antibiotic Misuse

Regulatory Compliance Part 2: The misuse of antibiotics in hospitals is prevalent.  It is estimated that up to 50% of antibiotic use is unnecessary or inappropriate leading to increased costs, adverse medication effects, rise in C. Difficile, and increased resistances. In June 2015, The White House organized a forum on Antibiotic Stewardship bringing together over

Project REFRESH – rehaul of the accreditation process by the Joint Commission

Regulatory Compliance Part 1: Last year, TJC announced a major overhaul to the accreditation process in an initiative called Project REFRESH.    The core principles of the new accreditation process are:  simplification, relevance, innovation, and transparency.  Essentially, the goal of the refresh is to simplify the survey process, post survey follow-up, and recommendations so that an