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Healthcare Industry Faces Facility Management Candidate Crisis

Several factors coming together in today’s Healthcare / Hospital  Environment are illuminating a growing concern for the industry.  Facility Managers, who have been stalwarts in their positions for many years are beginning to reach retirement age and the industry is experiencing a void  in candidates prepared to step in these rolls.  In 2015 a salary survey by Health Facilities Management and the American Hospital Association Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) and the Association for Healthcare Environment (AHE) identified that 44% of all those surveyed said they had no succession plan in place. The typical history of Facilities Directors comes

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Hospital Vending

First a personal disclaimer:  I really dislike vending machines.  I travel a lot, in and out of facilities every week.  Vending machines never have anything I eat when I want to eat it.  They are filled with sugary and salty snacks and sugary beverages; occasionally, with the one or two healthy options of a bag of trail mix or a Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Granola Bar.  I mainly drink water and coffee, the vending coffee selection is usually limited to a Starbucks high in sugar.  I’m not a food snob but I do care what I put in my

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Let’s Manage the Antibiotic Misuse

Regulatory Compliance Part 2: The misuse of antibiotics in hospitals is prevalent.  It is estimated that up to 50% of antibiotic use is unnecessary or inappropriate leading to increased costs, adverse medication effects, rise in C. Difficile, and increased resistances. In June 2015, The White House organized a forum on Antibiotic Stewardship bringing together over 150 health care organizations and other stakeholders, to create and implement programs which decrease the misuse of antibiotics and the accompanying problems associated with the misuse. The Joint Commission (TJC) has developed an antimicrobial stewardship program for hospitals including critical access hospitals, nursing care centers,

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Project REFRESH – rehaul of the accreditation process by the Joint Commission

Regulatory Compliance Part 1: Last year, TJC announced a major overhaul to the accreditation process in an initiative called Project REFRESH.    The core principles of the new accreditation process are: simplification, relevance, innovation, and transparency.  Essentially, the goal of the refresh is to simplify the survey process, post survey follow-up, and recommendations so that an organization can immediately take corrective action on deficiencies and affect lasting, positive change.  The three major changes include:  Elimination of Elements of Performance, replacement of the Criticality Model, and changes to post-post survey follow-up. Elimination of Elements of Performance (EPs) is the first revamp in

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Consultants, Cost Savings, and Keys to Success

Today’s macro and micro trends (which include change in reimbursement, increased quality targets and change in leadership, to mention a few) are driving organizations to seek outside assistance to achieve desired outcomes.  Hospital leadership hires consultants to identify and drive change in an organization; these engagements are generally highly structured and require support from those directly involved with the engagement. Department leaders will work with either a Process or Domain Subject Matter Expert (SME).  The Process SME relies on benchmarking, whereas the Domain SME has prior management experience within that particular department. Understanding how the SME will be evaluating the

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Unlocking Value from Healthcare Real Estate, Part 2

In the second part of our look at health system real estate we’ll look at some additional trends health systems are facing.  Moody’s Investor Services maintains a stable outlook on the nonprofit and public healthcare sector based on expected cash flow growth and patient volume moderation.  Unlocking cash from real estate is an attractive vehicle to provide the requisite growth capital health systems require to be competitive. While health systems focus on the delivery of care to patients, physician integration, IT infrastructure, cost management, and M&A opportunities, very little attention has historically been given to health system’s real estate holdings,

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