• Soar to new heights by accelerating your support services financial and operational performance.

  • From the 30,000 foot view, we will help you identify comprehensive savings
    and results.

  • And focus on the smallest
    of details, unearthing unforseen opportunities
    for success.


Advancing healthcare support services to achieve new heights in patient care

Born of the need to find comprehensive cost-saving solutions for the growing expenses in health care, Soriant helps institutions target ways to save money today while improving patient care for years to come. We partner with hospitals and health systems to accelerate performance, and enhance quality and patient satisfaction while reducing expenditures.

Saving money today while improving patient care for years to come

Our well-designed, market-responsive strategies drive down costs and direct your resources to patient care. Soriant provides tools and best practices to ensure our results are sustained over time.
Our expertise includes:

  • Negotiating vendor contracts and managing RFP/RFI processes
  • Improving productivity and work flow
  • Reducing departmental operational costs
  • Enhancing service levels
  • Increasing department revenue streams

Transparency is our driving principle

We are committed to providing exceptional service and cultivating long-term relationships – our mission is having you know what we know – transparency is the vital principle that enables your leadership to harness the internal controls, create efficiencies, and improve processes to guarantee your institution’s long-term success. With Soriant’s collaborative approach and tracking and measurement tools, support services departments continually achieve projections and maintain budgets.


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  • Soriant is extremely knowledgeable about contract management services (CMS) and their techniques are equally effective. As former support services executives, they have the know-how to develop proposals and re-structure contracts. As partners on my side of the negotiating table, Memorial was able to reduce its CMS costs for food and environmental services by over a $1 million dollars per year, with no deterioration in quality."

    Maggie Gill
    Chief Executive Officer
    Memorial Health
    Savannah, Georgia

  • Soriant Healthcare delivered $1 million in annually recurring savings over 10 years, and an additional $1 million investment from our vendor for renovations. We are ecstatic about the Soriant process and outcomes. They exceeded our expectations with their collaborative, team-oriented approach and deep expertise, bringing a new level of understanding, insight and knowledge to our organization."

    Greg Taylor
    Chief Operating Officer
    High Point Regional Health System
    High Point, North Carolina

  • In just six months, Soriant achieved substantial savings to the bottom line, implementing $500K in annually recurring savings. They brought inside insights to our hospital and discovered areas of savings we never thought of before. Most of all, their honest and collaborative partnership approach armed us with the strength and confidence to enhance our operations."

    Paul Reis
    Director, Division of Support Services
    Shands Hospital
    Jacksonville, Florida

Why Soriant



We’ve served hundreds of hospitals across the country and have exceeded and sustained targeted savings 100% of the time. We help address your current and future business imperatives within a framework of critical issues and opportunities. Our reputation rests on our integrity and our results.

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